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News & Events

Commedia bags LETV order
Date 1st Feb 2016
Commedia bags a major order of LETV for setting up Wireless and Wireline infrastructure in Bangalore. “This order is significant order for us and helps us to establish firmly in the Enterprise segment” says Harshad, Sales Head, Commedia.

Commedia bags order from Disney India
Date 19th Jan 2015
Commedia bags a prestigious order from Disney, an order that demonstrates our richness of video solutions portfolio say Harshad, Sales Head, Commedia.

Commedia Ka Band Solution
Date 29th Oct 2015
Skystream places order on Commedia for a Turnkey solution in Ka Band

Commedia wins EMTV Order
Date 5th Oct 2015
Commedia bags a major transformation order from a leading Broadcaster in Papua New Guinea. The order underlines Commedia superior solution and service prowess for building Video networks across various terrestrial and satellite medias.

Commedia clinches All India Radio Order
Date 5th Oct 2015
AIR Chennai places a SITC order on Commedia for Video Infrastructure

Commedia’s Middle East Win
Date 8th Sept 2015
Skystream places order on Commedia for building a state of art Network Management System for Ka Band VSAT infrastructure in Doha . “ This is a order that gives Commedia opportunity to show cases our capability to build Software systems and deploy them successful “

Commedia expands it is Reach to North East
8th May 2015
All India Radio North East awards SITC of RN Terminals in 5 states of North East to Commedia.

Commedia bags an order implementation of WAN in APAC region
Date 24th April 2015
BISPL places order in implementing a satellite based Wide Area Network in APAC region for an Enterprise customer.

Commedia wins System Integration order from TATA
Date 1st March 2015
TATA places SI order order for delivering integration services of core sites for its Customer. The order is massive one and a great opportunity for Commedia for working hand in hand with TATA to deliver quality services in global arena says Raghava, Founder Commedia

Commedia wins IPL Order from TATA
Date 1st March 2015
Commedia bags again Managed Services order from TATA for providing professional services in India and Singapore

Commedia Managed Services order in Seychelles
Date 24th Feb2015
BISPL places order on Commedia for Managed services in Seychelles, a long term project for Commedia in Africa

Commedia win Storage Solution order from Doordarshan
13th February 2015
Commedia bags Quantum based Storage Solution order from Doordarshan

Commedia Managed Services Order in Angola
10th February 2015
BISPL places order on Commedia for professional services in Angola

Commedia wins All India Radio Order
Date Ist Oct 2014
Commedia bags government organisation order , this is from ALL India Radio South Zone . “This win help us to expand steadily in southern markets of India “ Says Raghav Founder Commedia.

Green TV chooses Commedia for Media Solutions order
Date 3rd Sept 2014
Green TV places order for a Media Storage solution on Commedia .

Commedia Clinches Globecast order
Date 9th August 2014
Commedia bags coveted Globecast order for implementation of Video Head End Infrastructure in Singapore. “ This a breakthrough order and we are delighted to be associated with its prestigious project, these Global orders underlines our international clients' confidence on Commedia” says Raghav.

Commedia completes delivery of another PBU for TATA
Date 29th July 2014
Commedia delivers generation two Portable Broadcast Unit to TATA. This incorporates the latest Kroma Video Monitor, which helps outsider personnel to monitor the OB Content

Another Great Win for Commedia to build Video Head End in Mission Critical Environment
Date 26th June 2014
Encompass places on the expansion order on Commedia for their Teleport Facility expansion.

Managed Services support for Enterprise Network
Date 26th June 2014
Commedia bags Managed services order from ISRO a two year contract to managed satellite based Voice, Video and Data network.

Commedia extends Managed Services support to TATA for FIFA
Date 12th June 2014
Commedia wins a Professional Services order form TATA for supporting FIFA related Telecast on their Video Network

Commedia’s Video Distribution solution for Bag Film
Date 15th April 2014
BAG Films place order on Commedia for deployment of Video Distribution network

Commedia extends Managed Services support to TATA for IPL Again
Date 10th April 2014
TATA chooses Commedia for supporting IPL related Telecast on their Video Network

Commedia penetrates further into Government Segment
Date 26th March 2014
Commedia adds another government client by winning an order from Doordarshan

A breakthrough order for Commedia in APAC region
Date 3rd Sept 2013
Encompass place repeat order on Commedia for a major expansion at their facility . “It is landmark order for us as it demonstrates our ability to win and execute in the overseas market “ say Raghava

ComMedia delivers wireless solution for IO Star in Afghanistan
Date : 10th July 2013
ComMedia successfully implements and delivers a wireless solution to IO Star (Afghanistan), a broadband solutions company with a focus on Internet connectivity services. The wireless solution implemented by ComMedia is a point to point link at 5.4 GHz that supports high speed Ethernet.

ISRO shows trust in ComMedia-ST Teleport partnership for a slice in the implementation pie of ISRO's Mars mission.
Date : 5th July 2013
ComMedia is thrilled about having to play an important role to play for the Mars mission, a project in the docket, by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).
Needless to say, this is a project of national importance, and ComMedia is more than honored at the trust that ISRO has shown in ComMedia's capabilities and credibility. "We feel honored that an organization such as ISRO ratifies our ability to blend the right mix of wireless and wireline technologies.we have been chosen over three other vendors" says a very upbeat Raghava Rao, Founder, ComMedia.
In addition to the in-house competency, ComMedia believes that its ability to collaborate with the right set of partners to ensure the delivery of its enabled solutions has also been the clincher of the ISRO deal. The partnership of ComMedia with ST Teleport is eager to get the ball rolling.

ComMedia Managed Services extends support for the "Indian Idol Junior" show.
Date : 8th July 2013
The Managed Services segment of ComMedia extends technical operations support to Tata Communication Limited Media Services for managing the Video Links of 'Indian Idol Junior' show. This support reiterates ComMedia's ability and comfort levels at handling multi-vendor network with ease.

ComMedia's Video Head-End Solution goes bigger and wider
Date : 17th May 2013
ComMedia takes its innovative streak to the next level by successfully implementing the Video Head-End solution to Encompass, a digital media services company in Singapore. With the state of art technologies such as Newtec Clean Channel Technology, and Super Linear technologies used in power amplifiers, ComMedia's Video Head-End solution provides better bandwidth utilization, and scaled up features. Undeniably, this solution puts ComMedia on a global platform.
It may not be long before ComMedia considers commoditizing this solution, and begins building customized Video Head End solutions for its customers.

ComMedia connects people in the 'Deserts of Africa'
Date : 30th April 2013
The consumption of telecommunication services in Africa is catching up, and why not. ComMedia successfully implemented GSM over satellite links for Airtel Nigeria, thereby providing an expanded reach of mobile network for its consumers. ComMedia is proud to have had an important role in connecting people in the 'Deserts of Africa'.

ComMedia has headed the ISO9000 way
Date : 2nd April 2013
A quality and process conscious ComMedia begins its ISO9000 certification processes, and hopes to get its certification in at least six months from now. "We are a process oriented company. We believe that this certification will help the company render improved service delivery systems and thus consistently add value to our customers", says Raghava Rao, Founder, ComMedia.

ComMedia delivers Portable Broadcast Unit to TATA
Date : 5th Feb 2013
ComMedia does it again. For yet another esteemed order from TATA, ComMedia delivers a Portable Broadcast Unit (PBU).
Traditionally, outdoor broadcasting happens though a satellite news gathering vehicle. The PBU was designed to out beat the limitations of the traditional methods, and venture into the innovative designing space. Over several productive discussions, critical feedback and validations with TATA, ComMedia designed a far less expensive, completely portable solution that supports huge capacities of communication data through fiber-the Portable Broadcast Unit, or the PBU. Needless to say, owing to light-weight design, the PBU dramatically reduces the start-time delays.
An elated Raghava Rao, Founder, ComMedia says: "We consider it our honor to get associated with the TCL [Tata Communication Limited] Media services. This PBU is the first of its kind in the market. ComMedia hopes to continue its focus on innovative solutions. ComMedia has yet again demonstrated its abilities to work in collaboration with its customers and vendors to co-create products."

ComMedia helps widen Sri Lankan Carlton Sports Network
Date : 1st Feb 2013
Thanks to ComMedia's intervention, the Sri Lankan Sports channel, Carlton Sports Network, enjoys an expanded reach across its viewers in the sports-loving country. The backbone behind ComMedia's solution for this requirement was the trusted Harmonic Technology--a video channel along with four stereo audio channels that were simultaneously uplinked.
It is learned that Carlton Sports Network is gearing itself up to soon bid for cricket broadcasting rights in the cricket-loving country of Sri Lanka. This timely solution from ComMedia to Sri Lanka's Carlton Sports Network is yet another testimonial to the "we take the extra mile for our customers because we care" approach that ComMedia instills into its committed deliverables.

ComMedia forays into the Enterprise space with the Atlas Logistics order
Date : 2nd Nov 2012
Well within the first year of its inception, ComMedia ventures into the Enterprise segment by sealing a prominent order from Atlas Logistics. This order helps unlock value in the Enterprise sector. Keeping in mind the need of this customer, ComMedia's credibility in terms of timely delivery, and the customer's faith in our abilities has been the clincher of this order.

The Media Services of ComMedia Audits TV Production Workflow
Date : 8th Oct 2012
Airtel's broadcast segment entrusted the Media expertise of ComMedia to perform a thorough audit of the existing TV production workflow of EMTV, the first commercial television station in Papua New Guinea.
A detailed and meticulous approach by ComMedia resulted in the successful audit of EMTV. Evidently, the accomplishment showcased ComMedia's expertise at understanding the media, and production world. The result of it all-the germination of a very strong and long term business relationship with Airtel.

ComMedia looks at the SVBC order as Lord Venkateswara's blessings
Date : 25th June 2012
ComMedia is all set to set up the Video Head End to SVBC, Sri Venkateswara Bhakti Channel, a leading spiritual television channel in Telugu, devoted to Lord Venkateswara. With ComMedia's Video Head End, SVBC will soon experience significant savings in the space segment, thereby achieving lower OPEX per channel. Undoubtedly, ComMedia's thorough grasp of the customer requirements, and thereby the ability to suggest an innovative and effective solution has been the clear differentiator in this case.
Raghava Rao, Founder, ComMedia says, "Lord Venkateswara has showered its blessings on ComMedia."

ComMedia opens its Mumbai Sales office
Date : 10th June 2012
In only three months after its inception, ComMedia recognizes the need for a stepping up its sales to tap larger opportunities. The result-ComMedia opens a new Sales Office in Mumbai, the business capital of India on the 10th June, 2012. ComMedia hopes to extend its capabilities to a larger clientele in the months and years to come.

ComMedia steps into the Telco arena with the TATA order
Date : 1st March 2012
ComMedia makes an inlet into the Indian Telco space by bagging a TATA order. This development has opened the door of opportunities for ComMedia to make quantum leaps in the Indian marketplace.

ComMedia enters the Broadcast segment with the EADS order
Date : 1st Feb 2012
Within days of its inception, ComMedia makes a breakthrough into the broadcast segment by bagging an order from ND SatCom, a subsidiary of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V. (EADS). ComMedia is delighted that ND SatCom recognizes its capability and endorses its confidence in ComMedia.

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